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Meet SWL Cosmetics Founder, Vicki Irvin!

"Remaining a Classic in a World Full of Trends"

Hi, I’m Vicki Irvin, Founder of the SWL Cosmetics Collection and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me and SWL. Prior to starting SWL in 2013, I’ve been a business consultant and marketing expert for women entrepreneurs for over 12 years now. I’ve had to honor of working with thousands of women and celebrities on scaling their businesses at my live events and programs. Part of what I’ve always taught my clients is that while we are striving to reach our financial goals and dreams and out there hustling, we still have to make time for ourselves and have balance.   

In 2013 I realized I needed to focus on the beauty and balance portion of my brand more and so I came up with the idea that I wanted to create my own lipstick line. Now I have never been good at putting on any make up BUT lipstick and so I wanted to start with that. My initial plan was to create a line that celebrated the many women I have worked with over the years and so I designed classic lip colors for every skin-tone and named them things like, Boss Lady and Superwoman, and Passion.

I asked my good friend singer Chante Moore to help me launch the line and she became the face of the brand. I honestly had no idea the line would get so popular and from the feedback I was getting, I knew I had created something women loving but didn’t know exactly WHY.  But as I dug deeper, I found out women loved the brand because I had created classic colors and stayed away from the popular make up trends which was full of colors and products I would never wear, simply because am I well past the stage it would even look good on me and I STILL have no idea how all of those products are even used. And it turns out other women were feeling the exact same way.

Based on that, we expanded the SWL brand to cater to women of color of all skin-tones with a philosophy that our make up would always “remain classic in a world full of trends.” We now have a huge variety of products and colors that meet women at all ages, so they never have to worry about getting lost in industry trends that just aren’t for them. From all formulas of lipsticks and glosses, to eye shadows, blushes and foundations, to our collabs and partnerships with people like RHOP Robyn Dixon, we have so much we think you will love.

So if you have been looking for classic quality line of luxury make-up that caters to women of color that you can trust, then we would love for you to give us try and join the SWL family and community.

-Vicki Irvin

*The SWL Cosmetics Collection is 100% black owned and Paraben and Cruelty-FREE!