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We now have two levels of membership into our programs! SWL is looking for social media brand ambassadors & content creator partners! We aren’t just looking for people with lots of followers or super models, but rather every day people who are passionate about makeup just like we are! REAL women of ALL ages! 


SWL Content Creator & VIP Partner

Who this level of membership is perfect for: Those who LOVE make-up and are currently producing make-up content. We need content and you need to build up or expand your content creator skills in exchange for product.

SWL is looking for passionate Content Creators and partners to establish ongoing relationships with! If you have the skills needed to become an approved content creator that can produce fabulous photos and videos showcasing SWL, then apply for our Content Creator Program.

We will send you product/s each month that we need content created for. That can include our foundations, lipsticks, glosses, lip lacquers, lip glazes, eye shadows, lip pencils, eye liners etc.


High quality images/videos produced by approved Content Creators may be used for SWL social media marketing, email marketing, website promo etc. We are looking for good lighting and great content easily produced with a phone. MUST be of great quality.

Like-wise there may be posting requirements to your personal social media using our designated hashtags, verbiage and links to place in your bio when applicable.

Depending on which content you are sent to promote, you may also be required to submit an honest review of the product on a third-party website like AMAZON or on one of our website or social media business pages.

Monthly recurring membership for this level of program is $4.95 per month. SWL will send you FREE product in exchange for video and/or photos each month you are in the program. You may cancel your membership at any time.

If you feel you can create quality video or image content, we will review your social media to review your work to assist us in the approval process. If you have links to YouTube videos or other content that illustrates your work, please include that as well.

Full details/logistics of the program will be explained once your application has been submitted and accepted.



SWL Brand Ambassador

Who this level of program is perfect for: The brand ambassador program was created to allow you a chance to become an ambassador without having lots of followers, or needing to meet a quota of sales to participate...while still enjoying a huge 20-30% off all your personal orders. Perfect for those obsessed with make-up looking to help us expose more people to the brand while establishing yourself as an ambassador in the industry


Approved ambassadors will enjoy a one-time 30% off their Initial order to begin marketing and stock up on products to promote. Initial order must be a minimum of $50 to receive the 30% off one-time discount and qualify. Ambassadors in good standing will receive 20% off all subsequent orders of $20 and up as long as you remain an ambassador in good standing. That's ALL your SWL cosmetics at a huge discount as long as you are active in the program.

The ambassador program was created to allow you a chance to become an ambassador without having lots of followers, or needing to meet a quota of sales to participate...while still enjoying a huge 20-30% off all your personal orders.

If selected, you will receive your own personal unique discount code to give to your followers (usually comprised of your name) so that they may enjoy a discount on their first order with us. All marketing instructions on how everything works in full detail will also be sent.


Post at least one high quality picture/video wearing your SWL products every month on your Instagram and/or Facebook pages. Your camera phone will work just fine. Pictures must be of good quality in order for us to also share them on our social media sites. We encourage you to post as often as possible, but at least once per month is required. We would LOVE to share your photos and videos, however they must be of quality.



The SWL Brand Ambassador & Content Creator Programs receive a high volume of  applications, so please be patient.  All applications are reviewed by our team and you will ONLY be notified if selected.

We are looking for people who have positive social media brands that are in line with our standards. At this time the program is only available for people residing in the United States. 

*Details of the program you apply for will be sent if your application is accepted.



If you are applying for the Content Creator Partner Program, please indicate so below and include links to any videos on social media platforms. Please provide your instagram @name so that we may review your account photos. Be sure to fill out ALL requested info and double check before you send it, as incomplete applications will not be considered at all.

If you would like to apply to be a SWL Brand Ambassador please indicate that is the program you wish to be considered for in the box below. Fill out the required fields giving us your Instagram @name so that we may review your account and hit the SEND button!



*Your public Instagram account must include your @handle and not just your name, as many people have the same name.

**Instagram accounts on private cannot be considered.

**Only US based residents are eligible to be ambassadors at this time.

We look forward to reviewing your application and good luck!


-The SWL Collection Team