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SWL Collection Lip Formulas 

We have so many lip products and we know it can get confusing when trying to decide. We created this page to help you learn about the various SWL lip formulas and textures. We realize you have preferences and our goal is to help guide you towards your favorites! If you ever have any questions, send us an email at: info@swlcollection.com for help.


All of our lip products are listed under the following categories below on our website:


Lip Glosses- Lightweight gloss formula. Some glosses from this collection are highly pigmented with maximum color and some more translucent/sheer. Be sure to check individual color descriptions for particulars.

Lip Glazes- Slightly tacky gloss formula and texture for long wear.  Some colors in this collection are more translucent, some highly pigmented and some with a hint of pearlized sparkle. Be sure to check individual color descriptions for particulars.

Lip Lacquers - Full coverage highly pigmented gloss formula with maximum deep robust color and high watt shine. Non-drying finish.

Liquid Mattes- Highly pigmented colors that go on wet and dry to a crisp matte finish. These liquid mattes will not come off until you scrub them off. They stay put all day long even through eating and drinking.

Satin Liquid Mattes- Vibrant highly pigmented colors. These liquid mattes go on wet and dry to a smooth satin/velvet finish. Great staying power, however not as much as our regular liquid mattes.

Matte Lipsticks- Highly pigmented colors with full coverage. These are not a dry matte formula, our mattes are creamy and moisturizing.

Cream Lipsticks - Full coverage, highly pigmented cream lipsticks that are bursting with rich color.

Glossy Cream Lipsticks- Full coverage cream lipsticks with rich color and a high sheen and glossier finish.

Pearl Lipsticks- Highly pigmented rich formula with a hint of pearlized flecks

Metallics- Full coverage creamy metallic-metal finish with deep rich color

Diamond Lip Lace- Gorgeous diamond liquid lip colors that can be worn alone or over your favorite lip colors for colored sparkle. These go on wet and dry to a stay put finish.